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Dental Veneers

A great way to improve your smile while looking completely natural, when your teeth are chipped, stained, crooked or if gaps are present.

They can serve for cosmetic and dental conditions, such as creating an aligned smile by bonding them onto crooked/misshaped teeth, onto discolored teeth, etc. Veneers are offered in our office as an alternative for crowns.

Veneers are done in two visits: the first visit requires us taking an impression/mold of the teeth, and the second visit involves with bonding the veneer and the tooth together with a special cement. A light beam will be placed on top to harden and secure the veneer on the tooth.
Post-care instructions will be given after the procedure, and they are durable and can last between 7-15 years with great oral hygiene practice and regular dental visits.

Holistic practice with veneers are done as well.