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Gerald Sciancalepore

Dr. Jennifer To-Vitarelli, Dentist, of Madison, NJ, is a caring and trustworthy dentist who has extensive knowledge and skills relating to dental health. She is able to accurately diagnosed dental conditions and communicates clearly to her patients the information they need consider for treatment options. You can depend on her to guidance to make important dental/health decisions.

To give an example of Dr. Jennifer To-Vitarelli’s work. She had previously correctly diagnosed my need to have a tooth extracted, however since I was not experiencing any immediate pain, I decided to postpone having the extraction performed.  A few months later I experienced an intense intolerable pain from the problem tooth. This occurred during the late during evening hours. I called Dr. Jennifer To-Vitarelli early the next morning and requested an emergency appointment. She was able to accommodate me and one hour later I was in her office where she extracted the tooth and relieved the intense pain. She explained all the procedures that she was performing as she was doing it, in a simple yet calming manner. She also gave me relevant advice on how to care for the wound after her treatment and stated I could call her if I had any subsequent problems.  I wish to thank Dr. Jennifer To-Vitarelli for her quick response and excellent treatment. On that day I really needed her help and she came through for me.  For anyone seeking the highest quality dental care and treatment, I highly recommend the services of Dr. Jennifer To-Vitarelli.