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The health of your teeth and your smile’s appearance are important to making you feel good about yourself. Our Madison dental practice is keenly aware of the needs of our patients and Dr. Jennifer Vitarelli takes great care during an exam to listen and to explain treatment options.

Our Madison dental office emphasizes a family oriented environment that focuses on patient comfort. We believe in treating our patients with dignity, respect, and personal attention. Dr. Vitarelli wants to establish a relationship with every patient by treating them individually herself. Our goal is to work as a team to address your oral health and total well-being.

Dr. Vitarelli provides caring dentistry with holistic approach to all family members including children over 4 years of age. We believe that the entire human body operates dependently on all of its function. Oral health problems can create a domino effect and impede the body’s ability to function harmoniously. The mission to our practice is to help achieve optimum oral wellness – for a lifetime of healthy teeth.

We offer complete dental care services to patients with a special emphasis on cavity prevention, oral health, and restorative dentistry.


We facilitate care in our office by providing appointments early in the morning into the early evening, 4 days a week. Dr. Vitarelli makes herself available for emergencies on days she does not normally have office hours to accommodate her patient’s needs.