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Bridges / Caps and Crowns

Natural, tooth color looking crowns or bridges can help restore the smile that has missing or discolored teeth. Bridges are tooth replacements that are attached to adjoining natural teeth. Dental bridges are also an effective way to prevent the unsightly “drifting” of teeth that can occur when you are missing one or more teeth.

  • Instead of crowning teeth with porcelain fused to metal crowns, we use full porcelain crowns that are stronger and more esthetic. It is also more beneficial for a lot of my holistic patients that may have metal allergies.
  • Our office provides all ceramic restorations that are the new choice for safety, beauty, and happiness to achieve beautiful long lasting smiles. These all ceramic restorations are metal free, offer superior bio-compatibility, as well as superior esthetics.

All ceramic crowns, bridges, and laminates use no metal so the potential for allergic reaction is eliminated, along with the unattractive grayish or metallic look that can develop with conventional crowns and bridges over time. Additionally, depending upon the location of the crown or bridge, the all porcelain technology utilizes different ceramics to provide for the optimum balance of strength, beauty, and the transmission of light, so your repaired tooth provides full function and looks just like your natural teeth.

For holistic patients, we offer metal-free dental crowns and bridges.