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Extractions and Cavitations

Teeth with a poor prognosis may require dental extractions. When extractions are performed, Dr. Vitarelli will discuss with you the treatment options in replacing the missing tooth/teeth.

Cavitations are performed after every dental extraction to promote natural healing.

Reasons for a tooth extraction can be from decay or trauma, a severely infected pulp, or as a result of gum disease. The procedure can be done with visit, depending on the severity and number of extractions needed to be done.

The procedure consists of numbing the area with anesthesia, then the dentist rocking the tooth back and forth to separate it from the jaw bone. After pulling the tooth out of the socket, a blood clot will form. To ensure clotting, the dentist will instruct to leave gauze on the socket for about half an hour.

In some cases, stitches may be needed. Post-care instructions will be given after the procedure, which includes great oral hygiene practice and regular dental visits.